Negro Leagues Baseball Grave Marker Project

Proper Grave Markers for Unmarked Negro Leagues Players, Managers, and Owners


Caroll Ray "Dink" Mothell 

Dedicated June 2011 | Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, KS | Played from 1920 to 1934, mostly with the Kansas City Monarchs, and was the starting center fielder for the Monarchs on their 1924 pennant-winning team; a fierce competitor, known for his aggressive base-running, and a versatile athlete who could play every position.

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Robert "Fuzzy" Garrett

Dedicated June 2005 | Burr Oak Cemetery, Alsip, IL | A slick-fielding shortstop with the Kansas City Monarchs and the Harlem Globetrotters; became an umpire after his playing days were over.

James Edward "Sap" Ivory

Dedicated July 2010 | Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL | Played first base for the Birmingham Black Barons from 1958 to 1960, during the decline of the Negro Leagues.


William Miller "Big Bill" Gatewood

Dedicated June 2010 | Memorial Park Cemetery, Columbia, MO | Pitched and played outfield for fifteen teams during a twenty-four year career that started with the Leland Giants in 1906; managed the St. Louis Stars and the Birmingham Black Barons in the final years of his playing career; helped to develop a young Satchel Paige.

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William "Bobby" Robinson 

Dedicated June 2010 | Restvale Cemetery, Alsip, IL | Played for various teams from 1925 to 1942, starting with the Indianapolis ABCs; nicknamed ‘The Human Vacuum Cleaner’ because of his excellent fielding at third base and shortstop.

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Samuel Howard "Sam" Bankhead

Dedicated July 2009 | Greenwood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA | Played from 1930 to 1950 for nine teams, including the Kansas City Monarchs, Homestead Grays, and Pittsburgh Crawfords; selected as an all-star seven times; named as first-team utility player on the All-Time Negro Leagues All-Star team in a 1952 Pittsburgh Courier poll.

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Robert Gaston

Dedicated July 2009 | Greenwood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA | Played with the Homestead Grays from 1932 to 1949, mostly as a back-up to Hall of Famer Josh Gibson at catcher.

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Gabriel "Gabe" Patterson

Dedicated July 2009 | Greenwood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA | A base-stealing outfielder whose career was interrupted by World War II; debuted with the New York Black Yankees in 1941, eventually returning to the team for the 1947 and 1948 seasons; also played with the Philadelphia Stars and the Homestead Grays after the war.

Lester Lockett 

Dedicated June 2008 | Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL | Played from 1938 to 1950, most notably with the Birmingham Black Barons and the Baltimore Elite Giants; a good-hitting outfielder and versatile athlete who frequently played third base; selected as an all-star three times.

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Franklin L. Mann

Dedicated June 2008 | Burr Oak Cemetery, Alsip, IL | Played for the Leland Giants.

John William "Jimmie" Crutchfield

Dedicated 2004 | Burr Oak Cemetery, Alsip, IL | An outfielder, at 5' 7" tall, and with a small frame, Jimmie Crutchfield made up for any physical shortcomings with a natural talent for the game and speed, both of which were backed up by a hard work ethic.

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John Wesley Donaldson

Dedicated 2004 | Burr Oak Cemetery, Alsip, IL | Published totals from local newspaper accounts covering his 30-plus year career provide a glimpse at his prowess on the diamond. A record of 381 wins and 141 losses with 4,445 strikeouts have been discovered, as research teams continue looking through data.

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James Allen "Candy Jim" Taylor

Dedicated 2004 | Burr Oak Cemetery, Alsip, IL | Born in Anderson, South Carolina, Taylor was one of four brothers who played in the Negro Leagues.

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Theodore "High Pockets" Trent

Dedicated 2005


Daniel G. Burley (Sportswriter)

Dedicated 2005 

Guy C. Ousley

Dedicated 2005

William James "Jack" Marshall

Dedicated 2005


Roosevelt "Rosie" Davis

Dedicated 2005

Othello Strong

Dedicated 2005


Paul James Hardy

Dedicated 2005

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"Steel Arm" Johnny Taylor

Dedicated 2007 | The second-oldest of four baseball-playing brothers, the others being Charles Isham, Benjamin, and James, Taylor was a pitcher and played from 1903 to 1925.

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Ulysses Franklin "Frank" Grant

Dedicated 2011 | East Ridgelawn Cemetery, Clifton, NJ | Early in his career, he was a star player in the International League,  shortly before Jim Crow restrictions were imposed that banned African-American players from organized baseball.

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Claude "Steel Arm" Dickey

Dedicated 2011| New Zion Cemetery in Etowah, TN | Researchers currently believe his real name is Claude Dickey, based on census records and WWI draft registration cards. Newspaper reports show he appears as Walter Claude, John Claude, and Jean Claude. Many reports simply call him Steel Arm Dickey.

Dickey had a short career, dying at the age of 26 in Etowah, Tennessee.

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